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Restorations & Extractions

Why Are Restorations Important?

Restorations are important to retaining the integrity of your child’s teeth and prevent further damage. Restorations are performed to ensure adequate tooth function, restore aesthetics, protect the remaining tooth structure, and promote good oral health. Materials used in restorations vary in color, protection level, and method of application. Be sure to discuss the best options for your child’s dental restoration with your CT Pediatric Dentistry dentist.

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When cavities form a filling is required to restore the tooth. During the filling session with your dentist we will remove the affected portion of the tooth, clean the remaining portion, and fill the void with a protective material. While fillings can last for many years, most are not permanent fixtures and will need to be replaced. The amount of time a filling will last depends on how well they are maintained, and the material used to fill the cavity. Your CT Pediatric Dentistry dentist will be able to discuss filling materials with you to determine the best material for your child.


While the goal is to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and broken teeth, we know more than anyone how things don’t always go according to plan. Whether it’s baby teeth, or adult teeth, crowns provide the protective covering needed to restore the shape and look of the tooth, as well as avoid future damage. It’s important to note that no crown will be as strong as the original tooth. This means that crowns need to be taken care of by avoiding hard foods, teeth grinding, and sports accidents. With the right dental health plan from CT Pediatric Dentistry not only will your child’s dental crowns be a success, they’ll last for years to come.

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Tooth extractions among children and young adults can aid in the development of their permanent teeth. In certain cases, a child’s baby tooth can interfere with a permanent tooth’s natural growth and cause damage to other teeth. If you notice a tooth is coming in crooked, or your child complains about jaw related pain, contact us as soon as possible to prevent further damage and pain. Tooth extractions are generally very simple procedures if handled promptly.